The Congress

The XXV International Congress of Aeronautics and Astronautics, organized by A.I.D.A.A., the Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Rome Branch, was held in Rome from September 9 to 13 2019 at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of La Sapienza University of Rome.
I AIDA Congress 1925
XXV AIDAA Congress 2019
At the Opening Ceremony, Prof. Mario Marchetti, Congress Chair, greeted the authorities who attended: Prof. Eugenio Gaudio, Rector of the Sapienza University, General Basilio Di Martino, Head of the Aeronautical Engineers Corps of the Italian Air Force, Eng. Alessandro Cardi, Deputy General Director of ENAC, National Civil Aviation Authority, Eng. Paolo Bellomi, Director of Engineering and Development of AVIO, Eng. Enrico Russo and Eng. Gabriele Mascetti of the Italian Space Agency, and Prof. Erasmo Carrera, President of A.I.D.A.A.. The Ceremony concluded with greetings from the Astronaut Luca Parmitano aboard the International Space Station.
The Opening Ceremony  at the Civil and Engineering Faculty of Sapienza University.
Following the tradition of A.I.D.A.A., in the afternoon all the Delegates moved to the Capitol Hill for a greeting from the Mayor of Rome. In the splendid room of the Protomoteca Hall in Campidoglio, two lectures were held: "A lost chance: The High Directorate for Studies and Testing in the Period 1927-1943" by Gen. Basilio Di Martino of the Italian Air Force; and "Science from Space: the present and the future perspectives" by  Barbara Negri of the Italian Space Agency.
Prof. E. Carrera, Prof. M. Marchetti, B. Negri, Gen. B. Di Martino at Protomoteca Hall in Campidoglio..

The activities of the Congress continued for 4 intense days with the presentation of more than 300 papers from researchers from universities, research centers and industries, regarding all scientific, aeronautical and space sectors.

There were also 6 Plenary Lectures by international experts such as Brian Cantwell, Daniele Mortari and Joseph Post (USA), Oleg Alifanov (Russian Federation), Ferri Aliabadi (U.K) and Mengu Cho (Japan), and be two Round Tables, the first on "Role and activities of the Italian Aerospace Districts", and the second on "Space Economy: women as game changers and innovators"

However, the majority of the papers were by young researchers. This is the aim of all the A.I.D.AA. Congresses: to give young people the opportunity to show their research activities in order to provide a global vision of the Italian aeronautical and space sectors.

At the end of the Technical Sessions, the eight best works of young researchers have been awarded with a Congress plaque.

The Delegates enjoyed a special social dinner in the marvelous rooms of Palazzo Brancaccio on Colle Oppio near the "Domus Aurea", Emperor Nero’s “Golden House”.

Greetings from the President of Italian Space Agency, Eng. G. Saccoccia during the Social dinner.
The Congress ended on Friday 13 September with a visit to the Italian Air Force Historical Museum at Vigna di Valle, Bracciano.
Congress delegates at the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force.

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